06 june, 2017

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The formation of a new composition of the RF Civic Chamber is finalized

Representatives of NGOs joined the sixth composition of the Civic Chamber following the third quota election

The formation of a new composition of the RF Civic Chamber is finalized

Three members from each of the 13 directions of activity have been elected to incorporate the RF Civic Chamber (four members in the nomination “Public control”).

The third quota of the RF Civic Chamber completed the composition of the RF Civic Chamber, joining those who already qualified for membership: members appointed by the RF President (first quota) and delegated by civic chambers of regions of Russia (second quota).

43 public figures, elected from more than 400 candidates who submitted their applications and representing the interests of civil society, were approved as members of the RF Civic Chamber for the next three years.

In the near future, the first plenary session of the RF Civic Chamber will be held. The first session is to elect the President of the Civic Chamber and to establish commissions of the Chamber.

List of the members of the RF Civic Chambers members of the sixth composition (representatives of NGOs):

Health protection, promotion of healthy lifestyle, development of physical culture and sports, ecology and environmental protection

1)    Albina Dudareva – founder and Chairwoman of the Coordinating Council for the development of the waste management sector of the Association for Interregional Social and Economic Cooperation "Central Federal District"
2)    Igor Chestin – Director of the World Wildlife Fund (WWF Russia)
3)    Dmitry Nosov – bronze Olympic medalist in judo, Chairman of the Board of the charitable foundation for physically and morally healthy generation "Dmitry Nosov Foundation", founder and leader of the all-Russian public anti-drug movement "AntiDiler"

Public control: anti-corruption, control over the public authorities and local self-government, public examination of regulatory legal acts, public control in social and economic spheres

1)    Ludmila Vinogradova – member of the all-Russia public organization for family protection “All-Russian Parents’ Resistance”
2)    Alexander Afonichev – Deputy Chairman of the national human rights union "Man and Law"
3)    Sergey Rybalchenko – Director General of the autonomous nonprofit organization "Institute for Scientific Public Expertise"
4)    Alexander Kozlov – Head of the all-Russian security and protection employers association "Federal Coordinating Center of Heads of Security Companies"

Engagement of citizens in development of urban environment and rural areas

1)    Alexander Shipulin – Deputy Chairman of the Council of the Association of Farms and Agricultural Cooperatives of Russia
2)    Julia Ogloblina – Chairwoman of the Central Council of the all-Russian youth public organization "Russian Union of Rural Youth", member of the Central Staff of the all-Russian public movement "Popular Front For Russia”
3)    Vadim Zharko – Director for Development of the autonomous nonprofit organization "Center for Applied Research and Programs"

Support for charity, volunteerism (volunteering) and civic education

1)    Sergey Shchetinin – Chairman of the Executive Committee of the all-Russian public organization "Russian Union of Rescuers"
2)    Olga Amelchenkova – Head of the all-Russian public movement "Victory Volunteers"
3)    Sergey Rudov – member of the 4th and 5th convocations of the RF Civic Chamber, Chairman of the Board of the Association of Philanthropists "Beliy Tsvetok", Social Projects Coordinator in the international volunteer project “Volunteer Army", Orthodox Help Service "Miloserdie"

Public diplomacy, support for compatriots abroad, promotion of traditional values and patriotic education

1)    Veronika Krasheninnikova – Director General of the autonomous nonprofit organization “Institute of Foreign Policy Studies and Initiatives”
2)    Andrey Shutov – Co-chairman of the all-Russian public organization "Russian Society of Political Scientists", Chairman of the Moscow branch of the Russian Society of Political Scientists, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Expert Institute for Social Research, Head of the Department of History and Theory of Politics, Dean of the Faculty of Political Science of the Lomonosov Moscow State University
3)    Andrey Kononov – member of the Supervisory Board of the all-Russian youth public organization "MIR" (Youth - Initiative - Development)

Security of citizens, interaction with public monitoring commissions, law enforcement and administration institutions

1)    Maria Kannabikh – Chairwoman of the Presidium of the all-Russian public organization "Council of Public Monitoring Commissions"
2)    Mikhail Anichkin – President of the Board of the union of private security companies "Peacemaker Community"
3)     Ruslan Salykov – representative of the interregional public organization "Young Lawyers"

Support for family, children and maternity, interaction with youth

1)    Yulia Zimova – Head of the “Vanechka” Project
2)    Elena Alshanskaya – Director of the charity fund "Volunteers to Help Orphan Kids"
3)    Elina Zhgutova – Head of the "Ivan Chai” Public Center for Protection of Traditional Family Values

Harmonization of interethnic and interreligious relations, support of civil peace and consent

1)    Maxim Grigoriev – Director of  the Fund for Democracy Studies
2)    Svetlana Kuznetsova – representative of the international union of public associations for preservation and development of social, cultural, spiritual and moral traditions "Leaders of the World Community"
3)    Oleg Goncharov – representative of the all-Russian public organization "Russian Association for the Protection of Religious Freedom"

Development of the information society, mass media and mass communications

1)    Elena Volova – Head of a branch of the Civil Society Development Foundation
2)    Gleb Kuznetsov – Director of the "Petropavlovsk" Fund for support of social projects and programs
3)    Ilya Remeslo – Head of the public organization for promotion of legal culture and protection of lawyers community’s interests "Association of Lawyers of St. Petersburg".

Development of culture and creativity

1)    Andrey Dementiev – poet, political observer in the Radio of Russia (VGTRK)
2)    Vyacheslav Lashchevsky – Vice-President of the Russian Association for Public Relations
3)    Denis Kiris – Chairman of the Board of the Interregional Independent Trade Union of Theater and Film Actors

Development of education and science

1)    Oksana Gaman-Golutvina – Head of Comparative Political Science Department, Moscow State Institute of International Relations, Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, President of the Russian Association of Political Science
2)    Alexander Shchipkov – Russian sociologist of religion, political scientist, First Deputy Chairman of the Synodal Department for Church, Society and Media Relations
3)    Dmitry Donskov – Head of Staff for positive changes of the Vyatka State University

Development of entrepreneurship and the real sector of economy

1)    Ilya Semin – Director of the Monitoring Centre for Industry Development, Vice-President of the “Business Russia” NGO, member of the Expert Council of the National Rating of Investment Climate in regions of the Russian Federation, member of the Public Council under the Ministry for the Development of the Far East
2)    Elena Milto – Chairwoman of the Yaroslavl Regional Public Organization "Union of Young Entrepreneurs"
3)    Olga Golyshenkova – President of the Association of citizens and organizations for corporate education development "MAKO" (International Association of Corporate Education)

Development of the sphere of services, consumer market and housing and communal services

1)    Svetlana Razvorotneva – Executive Director of the National Center of public control in the sphere of housing and communal services
2)    Artem Kiryanov – lawyer, Chairman of the Lawyers Association "Kiryanov and Partners", member of the Interdepartmental working group on housing and public utilities under the General Prosecutor's Office of Russia
3)    Pavel  Prigorodov – Director of OOO PRiG, Chief Editor of the newspaper “Upavdom”

Social policy and labour relations, interaction with trade unions and associations of workers

1)    Mikhail Kiselev – Head of the Central Staff of the all-Russian youth public organization “Russian Student Teams”
2)    Sergey Vikulovn – Head of Staff of the public organization "Russian Professional Union of Workers of the Aviation Industry".
3)    Ludmila Piskunova – Deputy Chairwoman of the Presidium of the Central Board of the Russian Union of Pensioners.

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