29 march, 2021

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A book blaming the USSR for World War II is published in the U.S.

The U.S. announced the release of a new book by American revisionist historian Sean McMeekin, in which he actually put the blame for the outbreak of all world wars on Russia. He is sure that Britain should have made an agreement with Hitler and the United States with Japan; instead, they chose the ”wrong partner”. The author called Western help to the Soviet Union during the war a “great mistake”. In his book “Stalin's War”, he states that it was better to let Hitler and Stalin simply “destroy each other”. Read more>>

Irina Velikanova

29.03.2021 13:14

Irina Velikanova

“Unfortunately, we see that historical knowledge and public opinion is increasingly becoming the subject of real humanitarian special operations. When a few years ago, experts cautiously said that rewriting the history of humanity's bloodiest war, World War II, was a real danger, not a myth, many did not believe it. It seemed unthinkable and beyond marginal. However, the announcement of Sean McMeekin's book “Stalin's War: A New History of World War II” proves once again that the revision of knowledge is not just acceptable but also a kind of respectable project for the American humanities establishment. The book is well prepared as a business project: it is already being positioned as the #1 book event on Russian history on the largest American marketplace. The reader has a choice of an electronic, paper, or audio version.

What is the book about? Here's a quote from the synopsis: “World War II was not Hitler's war, it was Stalin's war.” The book is positioned as a “turning the tables” on World War II in the framework of the so-called new history: everyone from Hitler to Churchill and Roosevelt were blind puppets in the hands of the Soviet Union, which plunged Europe into chaos to gain supremacy in Eurasia. Of course, there is also a reference to the modern world order as a legacy of World War II results and, for sure, the corresponding conclusions.

It is hard to believe that the publication of this kind of book is simply another business project of a marginalist researcher, especially on the eve of another anniversary of the Victory over Fascism. Everything is very well put together: positive reviews from “experts on Russia”, and a prize already awarded by someone for the study, and professional promotion on the market. Yes, it is a business project with little to do with science, but it is also part of a coordinated, consistent movement to spread a new history interpretation.

This is how the landscape of opinions and evaluations is shaped alongside the world's perception by new generations in the society of digital globalism. Of course, the professional community of Russian historians will put a barrier in the way of such revisionism. We have something that our Western “colleagues” do not have: a moral foundation, the living memory of generations about the crimes of fascism on our native land”.


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