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    18 march, 2021

    Russia is a bastion of traditional values, which Europe has long lost

    Author: Alexander Malkevich, no comments

    The West is in hysterics and trying to attack all of Russia through an “attack” on our President Vladimir Putin.

    In a personal conversation with Vladimir Putin, U.S. President Joe Biden threatened that if our “interference” in the 2020 presidential election is revealed, Russia needs to be prepared.

    Biden told the media. And when asked by a journalist if he thought our President was a murderer, he replied, “Mmmm... yes.”

    The madness was getting worse. If before they at least showed some flasks of “poison” against us and some papers, now they don't need anything to attack Russia. That's just the way it was decided. And why look for reasons to attack? “It's all so clear.”

    These accusations against the president only underscore the hysterical state the West is in. Biden violates the principles of diplomacy and the norms of decency with his statements. It defies all comment.

    Well, unless you can put it down to his dementia...

    It is no coincidence that the hashtag #байденголовногомозга (#bidenbrainsdisease) has been launched in the networks.

    Although, all these unsubstantiated accusations are perfectly understandable. The reasons for such “attention” from the West are obvious — Russia is a bastion of traditional values, which Europe has long lost.

    And no matter what anyone tries to say, Putin is much more respected around the world than other states' leaders.

    The West wants to take revenge on Putin for its own failures but does not take into account that their attacks only increase the sense of patriotism and pride in Russia and its victories.

    Personal attacks on the head of state can also be regarded as an attack on the whole country.

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