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    04 june, 2020

    Amendments to the Constitution will provide new incentives for developing the country

    Author: Ivan Abazher, no comments

    By Decree of the President of the Russian Federation, a new date has been approved for the nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution of the Russian Federation. Now, every citizen of Russia must take on a proactive civil position and cast his vote for these historic changes. The fact that they are aimed at improving the quality of life of all Russians and strengthening the sovereignty of our country is undeniable. The amendments in the social sphere are unprecedented covering issues such as the indexation of pensions and the establishment of salaries not lower than the subsistence level, the protection of children, as well as guaranteed medical care, etc. They concern everyone. Whatever laws are adopted in the country, whatever government is at the helm, the Constitution will always be a reliable pillar of social protection for citizens.

    For us, Crimeans, the amendment on the territorial integrity of the country is also of great importance. No matter who is in power, Crimea will forever remain with Russia.

    Amendments to the Constitution will provide new incentives for developing the country. Our future is at stake, and in this regard I appeal to the younger generation: do not be indifferent, take a proactive approach in shaping our future.

    First of all, please vote, and second, get involved in the work of observers. They have a special responsibility since voting will be held not one, but six days and public monitoring should be ensured during the entire period.

    We have gained great experience in Crimea. The Crimean corps of public observers performed well during previous election campaigns. We must display our level of civic duty this time round as well.

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