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    08 may, 2020

    In Honour of Victory

    Author: Vyacheslav Bocharov, no comments

    In June 1941 Nazi Germany carried out a treacherous attack on the Soviet Union – our common homeland. For 1418 days and nights the bloodiest war in the history of mankind lasted and it ended victoriously for us on May 9, 1945 in the heartland of the Third Reich – Berlin. 75 years have passed since that victorious day, and a lot has changed during this time. There are some who want to distort the very essence of our Great Victory, even among the former allies of the anti-Hitler coalition. What can we, today’s generation, do in honour of the feat of our great-grandfathers and grandfathers, in honour of Victory?

    In my understanding, in honour of Victory there can only be efforts aimed at maintaining a peaceful coexistence, and the unconditional recognition of the sovereignty of states with their own characteristics, traditions, levels of development, i.e. all that the elements that distinguish us from each other and at the same time unite us. It is inconceivable to allow people to be killed again in another world war. The epidemic of war is contagious, only this epidemic will not require self-isolation at home, but will claim lives on the battlefield and destroy everything that forms the basis of human life. If all the good forces of the world community and world diplomacy can prevent this, then this will be the victory of reason over madness IN HONOUR OF VICTORY!

    Making any decisions must be based on specific objectives, especially if these decisions relate to the outbreak of war. So we have to (by ‘we’ I mean not only Russia) state that the purpose of unleashing war by Nazi Germany was monstrous – the physical destruction of people of the so-called non-Aryan blood and the use of natural resources and territories in their places of residence. These were purely economic goals with racist undertones. Everything else is secondary. The novel "The Brothers Karamazov" written by world famous writer Fyodor Dostoevsky contains the following phrase: "Harmony in the world is not worth one little tear of even just that one tormented child." The number of tortured, killed, burned and poisoned children in the death camps and in the territories occupied by the Nazi invaders cannot be estimated, as the figure is huge. And those responsible for these atrocities were convicted by the Nuremberg Tribunal. If these facts are not shamelessly hushed up, then the truth will also play its part IN HONOUR OF VICTORY!

    We have lived in a semi-virtual world for quite some time. Young people today spend a greater part of their time on the Internet, playing cruel and violent computer games that require killing and getting bonuses for this. This ultimately forms a person who has no empathy and has no understanding that physical life is given only once and that it is a crime to end life. These young people are ready-made material for a potential war, the so-called cannon fodder. Many examples can be given, take for instance the intensification of international terrorism. I am sure that young people will come round one day, but it will be a tragic experience for the younger generation. To prevent this, everything possible must be done so that the history of the Second World War is known in full to everyone in the 21st century without rewritings, omissions or the desire to smooth out undesirable moments. All these efforts will be done IN HONOUR OF VICTORY!

    I was born in the Soviet Union, a country that has not been on the political map of the world for 30 years, but it was the Soviet Union that waged the war on the Eastern front against the military might of Nazi Germany and its allies. The Soviet Union did not hide, did not try to distort or ambiguously interpret the role of the countries of the anti-Hitler coalition in the joint struggle against Nazi Germany and its fascist allies. This does not happen in the Russian Federation. The President of our country has repeatedly, with a sense of gratitude, talked about the role of all countries whose efforts were aimed at defeating the Third Reich and Nazism. Each of these countries contributed to the great Victory. We knew about the huge material assistance that was provided by the USA, the UK, Canada and other countries to the USSR, utilized by the soldiers of the Red Army and homefront workers. We admired the acts of valour by the French pilots of the Normandie-Nieman fighter squadron, as well as the Resistance fighters, Yugoslav partisans and soldiers of the Polish Army.

    Unfortunately, some people are trying to rewrite our common heroic past. The removal of monuments to Soviet soldiers in European countries and using them as part of information and ideological warfare is unacceptable, however, this is happening on numerous levels in several countries. The worst thing is that war criminals and murderers, having replaced the real heroes-liberators, are redefined as role models with their hands mired in blood, and this doesn’t seem to bother young people, on the contrary they seem to agree. And this is carried out on the government level!

    People make history, people write history, but they can also rewrite it for the sake of the current state of affairs. And this, like a careless boomerang can strike when you least expect it. To prevent this from happening is also a noble effort IN HONOUR OF VICTORY!

    I want to remind you that in our country the war literally claimed entire families. In Samara Region there is a monument to the Volodichkin family that lost nine sons, all taken away by the war. In Arkhangelsk Region, all seven sons of an ordinary Russian citizen Kalista Soboleva were killed in the war. In the Chuvash Republic Tatyana Nikolaeva lost eight sons to the war. From North Ossetia, all seven sons of the Gazdaev family fought bravely and died as war heroes. And many more such examples can be cited. How can this be forgotten! Remembering and honouring the fallen defenders is the holy duty of today’s generation, and it must be done IN HONOUR OF VICTORY!

    In the Russian Federation this is not forgotten. Veteran organizations, which include people who have devoted their life to serving in the Armed Forces, as well as counter-terrorism units, are doing everything they can so that the younger generation knows the truth about the war, and learns to appreciate peacetime conditions, but at the same time, it must be ready to defend the Fatherland.

    Julius Fučík in his novel Notes from the Gallows wrote: “Fear the indifferent! It is with their tacit consent that all evil on Earth is committed.” I urge everyone to remember this and act “so that there is no great shame for aimlessly spent lives.” 75 years have passed since our common Victory over evil in World War II and this has given us enough time to understand that maintaining peace on Earth should be the result of joint efforts aimed at HONOURING VICTORY!

    We are proud of the valiant commanders and fighters of the Red Army and homefront workers who defended our homeland and brought peace and freedom to the countries of Europe. Few of them are alive today – the heroes of military warfare, but our memory preserves the holy images of the defenders of the Fatherland – they are always with us, and walk side by side with us during the Immortal Regiment march. A low bow to the fallen warriors, the departed and the living VICTORS!

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