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    13 april, 2020

    Quarantine Violators: Think about Those Close to You

    Author: Sergey Burlakov, no comments

    Unfortunately, today the situation is such that many people mistakenly think that nothing terrible is happening: “The virus is in one place and we are in another one. This will definitely not happen to me, and I will not get sick.” However, to be honest, 22 people already have contacted coronavirus in my surroundings.

    If a person does not care about the situation and allows himself to break the regime of self-isolation, I would suggest a note against receipt confirming that he is fully aware of all dangers and consequences associated due to his actions and that he knowingly refuses help: “I knew that there was such a problem, but I refused assistance and I refused to listen, as I'm the smartest person alive.”

    It is a tragedy when other people suffer because of one person’s negligence. For example, the case in Ufa, where 140 people and the entire hospital, were shut down. The case was that someone just neglected the general rules similarly, and now all the medical personnel, instead of providing assistance, have been forced into quarantine.

    I am profoundly hurt when people break the rules on behavior that experts, doctors, as well as the government have recommended, while others, guided by some of their own rules, think: “No, I'm the smartest one and nothing will happen to me.”

    Friends, I urge you all to be civically-minded: if you couldn’t care less about yourself, think about those around you. You must understand that your beloved ones and relatives are close to you. You are not only responsible for yourself, you are responsible for them as well.

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