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    20 march, 2020

    Bryansk Oblast will be included into the collection of documents “Without a Statute of Limitations”

    Author: Elena Tsunaeva, no comments

    On March 18 a working meeting was held with the Governor of Bryansk Oblast Alexander Bogomaz.

    The meeting was also attended by the Chairman of the Bryansk Regional Duma Vladimir Popkov and Deputy Governor Alexander Korobko.

    During the meeting, issues of implementing the All-Russia project "Without a Statute of Limitations" were discussed. The project itself was mentioned by the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin during his annual address to the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation.

    The aim of the project is to revive the topic of mass deaths of innocent civilians during the Great Patriotic War and put it at the center of public discussion, as well as to disseminate reliable historical information among young Russians about the crimes of Nazi Germany and its collaborators in the occupied territories.

    For the first time in Russia, a collection of documents on the war crimes of the Nazis and their accomplices against the civilian population will be published, covering almost all occupied regions during the Great Patriotic War. By May 9, 2020, the Federal Archive Agency will post the accessible and declassified archival documents on crimes against civilians on the Internet resource "Victory. 1941-1945." A collection of documents "Without a Statute of Limitations" will consist of 23 volumes and Bryansk Oblast will also be included.

    "Without a Statute of Limitations" is a project both about war crimes and the tragedy of the civilian population which we must remember.

    During the meeting, an incident was recounted about what happened in May 1943 in the Nikolsky farm near the village of Suzemka. On May 23 the Nazis came to the farm. Sensing their imminent retreat and desiring at least some revenge on the partisans, they gathered the inhabitants of the farm (460 people): the elderly, women and children, and shot them. Not many managed to escape. Now a monument stands in this place.

    Also discussed, among other things, was the creation of the DULAG-142 concentration camp memorial complex with mass graves (1941-1943), located on the territory of 85 Repair Factory JSC in the Volodarsky district of Bryansk.

    We must mention that by the decision of the Bryansk Oblast Executive Committee dated July 10, 1979 "On the Taking of Historical and Artistic Monuments of the Region with Historical and Artistic Value and Placing them under State Protection", the monument "To the Victims of Fascism", erected in the Volodarsky district of Bryansk on Shchors Boulevard, has been included into the list of cultural heritage objects of regional importance. The Volodarsky district administration has a registration card on the military burial place located on this territory.

    The monument "To the Victims of Fascism" was created in 1968 in memory of 40 thousand lives lost in concentration camp No. 142 created by the Nazis in Bryansk during the Great Patriotic War on the territory of the evacuated factory.

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