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    13 december, 2019

    Russia and Serbia: Cooperation Development

    Author: Ivan Abazher, no comments

    I recently returned from the Republic of Serbia, where I took part in a conference organized by the Business and Cultural Center of the Republic of Crimea in Moscow. The conference brought together representatives from the public, members of the Crimean parliament, experts from a number of Russian think tanks and academia. The event was held at the Russian House in Belgrade.

    We explored the prospects for relations between the two countries. The conference coincided with a meeting between the Presidents of Russia and Serbia in Moscow. Sometime later, a Memorandum of Cooperation and Understanding was signed between the Civic Chamber of Russia and Serbia’s Social and Economic Council.

    The two countries’ authorities, public figures, and representatives of Russian regions are at a good stage in building bilateral relations not only as part of foreign policy, but through development of other areas of cooperation. In my opinion, it would be a good idea for the Civic Chamber commissions to consider new potential cooperation tracks.

    I believe that the people of Serbia, which is surrounded by NATO countries, need Russian support. They love Russia and Russians; and they see us as a source of hope. This hope cannot be allowed to die.

    The Balkans have always been of great interest to Russians, so we need to look for ways of further rapprochement between Russians, Bulgarians, Serbs, Macedonians, Greeks and other peoples in the region.

    Today, these people are increasingly drifting away from Russia and becoming part of the European Union. But, look at Bulgaria for example – it got nothing but greater poverty from joining the EU. Pro-Russian sentiment still prevails among the people there, so we need to act through the public, through public diplomacy, and business and cultural diplomacy, and building up interaction to achieve tangible result.

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