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    29 jule, 2019

    First Russia, now their own people

    Author: Alexander Malkevich, no comments

    Today I want to “congratulate” our German friends and actually everybody on yet another example of flagrant violation of freedom of speech in the very center of Europe.

    But first things first.

    In January I visited Germany at the invitation of my German colleagues. During that trip I also gave an interview to independent journalist Dirk Pohlmann.

    Let me note that there are alternative media in Germany and I had a chance to meet and talk to the representatives of most of these outlets. Moreover, we are still on friendly terms and stay in touch.

    And now, last night it was reported that journalist Norbert Fleischer’s YouTube channel, NuoViso.TV, had been blocked. It is the very same channel where my interview was posted.

    I spoke to some people I know over there and this is what I found out.

    The channel was removed just 45 minutes after Norbert’s speech at the UN in Geneva was posted. He was invited to the UN as an expert and presented a report on the Rammstein US military base in Germany.

    YouTube released a message stating that the channel violated the rules of the community. Of course, they did not specify what rules. Basically, the channel did not have any formal violations. It is a leftist channel; there was no nationalism, racism or inciting hatred. There were only revelations – exposing America and capitalism. The journalist films his videos at home so there cannot be any copyright issues either.

    My colleagues in Germany are worried that the unbiased German media will soon be shut out completely. Their concerns are justified because anybody who is inconvenient is promptly eliminated there.

    The freedom of speech, which is promoted by Europeans and is allegedly a cornerstone of Western democracy, is in fact a fraud. Yet another case of political censorship in Germany, the leading country of the European Union, is a fresh example. Censorship in the West is not so much political as it is imposed to please certain influential groups, including the defense industry that is strongly bound to American interests.

    Apart from YouTube, other American internet giants such as Google, Twitter and Facebook are imposing political censorship as they see fit.

    I want to stress once again that the banned channel is not the much-hyped “Russian propaganda” but a completely German media outlet.

    Although it did not help it…

    Now channel owners have launched an alternative platform but they still fear that the new projects will also be subjected to sanctions and censorship.

    I think we need to sound the alarm bells via all platforms, including the UN and PACE. It is time to raise the issue of a unified legislation for these online media to observe, at the global level. Only then will they get an opportunity to terminate self-arbitrary censorship and restriction of freedom of speech.

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