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    27 august, 2013

    Restart in different ways

    Author: Veronika Krasheninnikova, comments 9

    One of the major problems of the “restart” is that it is understood differently in the U.S. and Russia.

    Washington had thought it up as a certain mechanism for putting Russia in service to particular American interests and its exploitation for their own purposes. When the U.S. Ambassador to Russia McFaul reported at the U.S. Congress on the successes of the “restart,” he brought Russia’s support to the sanctions regarding Iran and Libyan operation, Russia’s accession to WTO, and other things of the kind as examples. From the Washington’s point of view, as it turned out, the “restart” was also meant to enhance political weight of the then President Medvedev.
     From the Moscow’s point of view, the “restart” was needed for getting onto a higher level of mutually beneficial and balanced relations; for more efficient cooperation between the U.S. and Russia.
    But now, and Washington has declared this, the “restart” has stopped and “we have never heard the word “restart” said by President Putin.

    I guess that the U.S. is now working on a new set of measures in regards of Russia. President Obama’s decline to meet with President Putin is quite indicative.

    It is important for us to understand now what exactly the U.S. is preparing for us. Some statements of their officials and experts on Russia show that the politics in regards of Russia will get much tougher.

    In this context, the LGBT-community campaign started against Russia, against Putin personally and against the Olympic Games in Sochi will, possibly, is one of the instruments of pressure. For several weeks, we have been witnessing how this information and propaganda campaign is gaining momentum.

    Such acute and mass reaction of the international LGBT-community is explained, on the one side, by the support of this theme by the authorities of western states. We also must remember that Hillary Clinton, when she still was the Secretary of State, declared that the United States would keep actively protecting rights of sex-minorities in Russia. This theme had been developed as a political instrument exactly.

    On the other part, the international LGBT-community has a high organizational degree and abilities to mobilize it. The community has worked out these qualities in the decades of fighting for sex-minorities’ rights. It is efficiently acting at the international level.

    This is why on the eve of the Olympics, which the LGBT-community is going to use as a platform for their actions, we will, most likely, see further escalation of the information and propaganda war and various possible provocations.

    August 12, File-RF

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