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    17 may, 2013

    Blood donors make themselves healthier

    Author: Leo Bokeria, no comments

    I have normal attitude to this. Many healthy people who could be donors of blood, which could be later transformed into components and used, are young people. On the other hand, donating their blood, as shows the experience of many years, they make themselves healthier. That is, I do not see any contradictions in this fact.

    Another thing is that many people want to donate their blood of humane considerations. And this work will go on, no doubt. Absolutely. We use 5 tons of blood at our Bakulev Center. This is why this issue is very actual for us.

    We have never spoken against any initiatives focused on moving people to pity and inspire them to donate their blood. However, we must say that each person donating blood does really help him/her of those close to them. This is the way this life is set.

    This is why, of course, we should take the same course as it is all over the world. But we cannot just cut it off like this in an instant. We have adopted a law on donorship. It is hard to implement it right away. This is why I believe that if this decision has been made, it is absolutely fair.

    Golos Rossii, May 16

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