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    07 november, 2012

    What would you say about Rynski?

    Author: Diana Gurtskaya, no comments

    Early in the morning the phone was ringing off the hook: “What would you say about Rynski?” Getting though the veil of dream with an effort I am repeating the question: “What’s happened to Barbara?” - “Which Barbara?” – “Aren’t you asking about Barbara Brylska?”…

    Further on, the conversation is going about a tired with the dark and dust of social life journalist who has placed a text in her blog.

    And so what?  What kind of commentary should there be? A provocation as a way to get fame is well known since the times of pyromaniac Herostratus. If her text became appellative, we would rejoice (or feel pity) with the author.

    And let us look at the matter differently. What is there in this blog, is very familiar to many people. Those who would never say this in public are full of hypocritical compassion. While having read the article would think, “Let all those limping and wretched go to a reservation.”

    I am very glad and thankful to all those who had sincerely expressed their indignation in their comments in the internet.  This is the most important thing.  Because no allowances and programs of available media would ever change people’s conscience. If an individual understands “what is good, and what is bad,” this is the best evidence of a healthy society and a strong country.”

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