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Sergey Simak

Vice Rector, SEI HPE Samara State Regional Academy; Co-Chair of the International Social and Ecology Union

  • 06 june, 2014

    Who do we celebrate?

    June 5 was announced as a Day of Ecologists.

    Rubric: Hot comment

  • 29 october, 2013

    The case is not about the Polar bears only

    How ice melting affects the political and economic life of the country.

    Rubric: Ecology

  • 11 february, 2013

    A few words about public ecological watch

    In today’s Russia, public ecological watch has the longest traditions among other types of public watch.

    Rubric: Ecology

  • 20 november, 2012

    How to properly assess schools of higher education?

    I would not want to discuss those schools of higher education and their affiliates which were included in the list of “inefficient” schools according to the recently published rating of the Ministry of Education, even though I have many questions to the quality of “production” of many affiliates. We absolutely need to fight with the profanation which our education is turned into quite frequently.

    Rubric: Hot comment

  • 06 august, 2012

    Is a proactive approach to life a disease?

    I have suddenly found out that I have mixed personality disorder. And even more, most people from my environment and many Civic Chamber members are also hopelessly ill.

    Rubric: Hot comment

  • 17 jule, 2012

    One should know the difference between chalk and cheese

    Initiators and defenders of the draft law on “NGO foreign agents” claim that “there are even tougher laws in the West in regards of such NGOs” and refer, in particular, to the American Law on Registration of Foreign Agents (FARA).

    Rubric: Ecology

    Tags: ekology

  • 19 march, 2012

    Does the «ecological Kushchevka» threaten Russia?

    On 15 March a flying session of the Council for the Development of Civil Society Institutions and Human Rights under the President of Russia planned six moths before finally took place in Novokuybyshevsk town in Samara region.

    Rubric: Ecology

  • 01 march, 2012

    Ecology: talk or action?

    On 21 December the Russian government endorsed the presidential decree project «State policy bases of ecological development of the Russian Federation till 2030».

    Rubric: Ecology


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