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Veniamin Rodnyansky

Political Analyst; Member of the Public Council of the United Russia’s Young Guard NGO

  • 25 june, 2013

    About car parks

    Excuse me – this will be another cry of soul about disorganized parking in yards and people who park as if they do not care about other people’s and even their own cars; there have been too many of the latter lately. I am sorry – it is a burning issue.

    Rubric: Ecology

  • 17 october, 2012

    Will cash defeat vice?

    Do you remember the immortal lines from Victor Tsoy’s song: “The war is an affair for the young: it is a remedy against wrinkles…?” And in fact, this is true. Nothing has changed.

    Rubric: Hot comment

  • 04 september, 2012

    No to political pedophilia

    One of the main reproaches that the mentally sound society has for the War Art Group and their associates is that these doubtful artists and apparent politicians are absolutely not embarrassed to engage children in their acts.

    Rubric: Hot comment

  • 20 august, 2012

    Should be kept in prison!

    I was horrified to find out occasionally some details of a criminal case of some Kondratiev, a rapist from Khimki.

    Rubric: Hot comment


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