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Denis Dvornikov

Executive Director of the Public Committee for the Transparency of Justice; Secretary in Charge of the Civil Watch NGO Association for Protection of Electoral Rights

  • 30 jule, 2013

    The first year at WTO

    In fact, everything is good only for metallurgists. These were them who had been lobbying Russia’s accession to WTO, participated in round table discussions, and joined working groups on coordination of the conditions.

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  • 24 june, 2013

    Maternity clinic in the Yaroslavl region

    In the end of last week, at the World Congress of Perinatal Medicine Vladimir Putin announced a new turn of the demographic crisis. Indeed, it is the generation of young mothers born in 1990-s who are beginning to come to maternity clinics, and such mothers are few compared to the ones born in the previous decades.

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  • 04 june, 2013

    Anti-tobacco extremities: are these tricks of death sellers?

    The war against smoking in Russia did not end with adoption of the law restricting zones where one can voluntarily intoxicate oneself with tobacco of unclear origin.

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  • 29 may, 2013

    About Ulyana Skoybeda and one educative case

    I can certainly understand Ulyana. I mean the emotions that she felt when she wrote her ill-fated deleted phrase and the ones she is feeling now.

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  • 19 april, 2013

    No invaders are needed

    I am not going to compare tragedies in different countries. But one cannot avoid noting that the under-conscious division of catastrophes to those that cause indignation and those that perceived almost as a common thing is, in a way, an index of moral damages.

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  • 21 march, 2013

    Our dears could be in shoes of this girl

    Alexandra Lotkova did not kill anybody. She had been protecting herself and her friends as well as she could. She is not a special operation soldier to pacify a debaucher in one hit.

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