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    13 october, 2016

    Boris Johnson has shown not a pretty face of his country

    Author: Sergey Ordzhonikidze, no comments

    Kremlin has reminded to the British Foreign Minister Boris Johnson about the obligation to comply with the Vienna Convention, in response to his call to picket the Russian Embassy in London. Russian Foreign Ministry was ashamed of Boris Johnson. "It seems that Boris Johnson has passed from words to action has used weapon with which he threatened Russia. It’s a shame. We are really ashamed of him", - the spokeswoman for the Russian Foreign Ministry Maria Zakharova said.

    Decent people do not behave like that, and especially diplomats. If you accuse someone of something, then you must have the facts. For example, in court the prosecutor always proves accusations by evidence. But when the Minister of Foreign Affairs, being an official person, makes accusations without any proof, it has no relation neither to diplomacy, nor to real life.  So anyone could be blamed for anything, for any mortal sin, and what's next? Especially if it is about appeals to picket a foreign embassy. It seems to me that the Minister of Foreign Affairs should be a little more serious.

    Our Foreign Ministry responded correctly. Have you ever heard Sergey Lavrov’s unfounded accusations addressed to someone? He has always brought serious evidence. But our Minister of Foreign Affairs is by head and shoulders above all these Western politicians. This is a responsible person, high profile professional and not a chatterbox. After all, a head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs represents his or her country, and should be completely accountable for his words. And it seems to me that Boris Johnson has shown not a pretty face of his country.

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