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    10 september, 2013

    Corrosion in the relations

    Author: Fatima Albakova, comments 2

    There are not so many examples in the life of the world community when the voice of reason and good will speaks in the joint strive to prevent another aggression on behalf of the international coalition working against a forced intrusion in a sovereign state of Syria.

    I believe that a new tendency has appeared: the process of public understanding that under conditions of the new world order and information technologies our living became extremely vulnerable is going on. And the contemporary transparency of the borders will be either positive and mutually beneficial, or the world will start constructing rigid, non-transparent and impregnable borders.

    In connection with the events in Yugoslavia and the “Arab spring” the apparent corrosion of the principles of the world system of international relations causes concerns; under various reasons these principles are openly violated and the system is less and less capable of protecting states’ sovereignty. The same concerns international institutes meant to protect rights of peoples and states. UN, the major organization for protecting interests of peoples and states, does its best to preserve its status and the legal force of decisions adopted.

    In this context the voice of civil society, and parliamentarians called to stand for the interests of people gains a more and more serious value and capacity to influence the outcomes of radical decisions and actions in regards of Syria and also for resolution of similar situations in regards of other states. The modern world needs a consolidated international institute called to protect against unjustified intrusions and aggression in regards of sovereign states.

    Rubrics: Ecology

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