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    25 june, 2013

    About car parks

    Author: Veniamin Rodnyansky, no comments

    Excuse me – this will be another cry of soul about disorganized parking in yards and people who park as if they do not care about other people’s and even their own cars; there have been too many of the latter lately. I am sorry – it is a burning issue.

    Judging by how people leave their cars near their homes, the STOP HAM project should really thing about setting up a national award called THE DISTINGUISHED FOOL OF THE YEAR.

    I have just talked to a guy who builds residential and office buildings in LA. He said that no construction permit will be granted unless at least two parking spaces per apartment are provided. Under the ground, on the roof, in the air… This is the developer’s problem. Do anything you want, but find a way. Otherwise, you just won’t be allowed to build.

    In other words, the government cares about traffic collapses and the people’s convenience.

    Can’t we do it the same way? I do not thing building space is no problem in Los Angeles. It is that they just think… and find a way.

    OK, maybe two cars per family is too much. But why don’t they think of at least one? It is not that difficult.

    I understand that people are thinking about profit and instead of parking spaces one can build a few more residential buildings. And the people can do what they want. The apartments will sell anyway sooner or later because our people are wild. They have not seen comfort anywhere except books and abroad. But maybe this is enough? Isn’t it time to think of some comfort in addition to profit?

    Because it is these little things that determine the quality of life in a country and the much-discussed happiness index, of which theorists are talking so much and which is as low as can be in real life in Russia.

    P. S. I hope Spider Troitsky will not steal this idea.

    Rubrics: Ecology

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