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Diana Gurtskaya

singer, President of the Guardianship Council of the non-profit organization “Foundation for Assistance to Blind and Visually Impaired Children “By Call of Heart” of Diana Gurtskaya

  • 04 february, 2013

    Double standards exist as before

    No doubt, we all would like to have our society more active in defending people with limited abilities, but we must be objective in our evaluation of the situation.

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  • 07 november, 2012

    What would you say about Rynski?

    Early in the morning the phone was ringing off the hook: “What would you say about Rynski?” Getting though the veil of dream with an effort I am repeating the question: “What’s happened to Barbara?” - “Which Barbara?” – “Aren’t you asking about Barbara Brylska?”…

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  • 30 august, 2012

    Life as a miracle

    To the opening of the Paralympic Games in London.

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