Non-Commercial Organizations

Multum in рarvо
Much in little

The Civic Chamber constantly interacts with numerous non-commercial organizations (NCOs) of Russia. Representatives of NCOs participate as experts in reviews of bills held by the Chamber, in hearings and meetings, and in the formation of positions on various issues that require decision-making at the federal level. With the Chamber’s active assistance, Russian NCOs have been receiving state financial support since 2006.


State Support for NCOs

The state for the first time provided support to non-commercial organizations from the state budget. A total of 2,035 applications for aid were submitted. Allocations to the tune of 500 million rubles were distributed among 545 NCOs whose projects were declared the most interesting and socially significant.

With the Chamber’s assistance, six contests were held in various fields. A total of 4,199 applications were submitted; 1,225 projects were approved; the non-commercial sector received 1 billion 250 million rubles in aid.

The government allocated 1 billion 500 million rubles for the support of NCOs, which contest operators distributed among 1,120 organizations.

The state allocated 1 billion 200 million rubles in grants to non-commercial organizations. It financed, above all, projects aimed at assisting citizens affected by the economic crisis, including those who lost their jobs.



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