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    17 марта, 2021

    Anti-child content on Twitter persists

    Автор: Sergey Rybalchenko, комментариев нет

    Hopefully, restricting Twitter traffic will help remove banned information that affects children's health.  First of all, the parental community is concerned about this topic in connection with the impact of negative information on children's mental and spiritual health, causing harm to physical health, promotion of suicidal behavior, and the involvement of minors in illegal activities.

    In many countries, the restriction is used and has led to positive results with the removal of banned information. This is the first time Roskomnadzor has used such measures, but it has every right to include the mechanisms available to restore order. After all, before that, Roskomnadzor repeatedly appealed to remove the illegal content, but to no avail. We hope the situation will change eventually.

    Twitter is leading the way in public anti-rating, anti-child content on the social network persists. Whereas in other countries, including the United States and EU countries, social networks, including Twitter, strictly enforce the age identification of accounts, in Russia, it is the freedom of the user's choice. Twitter allows some companies to self-identify their audience when placing ads and content, even when it comes to users who did not specify their age when they signed up, which is often children. Thus, they can gain access not only to information that is prohibited in principle but also to information that, due to their age, should not be accessible to them.

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