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    17 марта, 2021

    Attack on Putin equals attack on Russia

    Автор: Maria Butina, комментариев нет

    The statement of U.S. President Joe Biden, who violated all possible norms of international diplomacy by calling our president a “murderer” in an interview with ABC News, immediately reminded me of Mahatma Gandhi's words: “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight with you. And then, you win.”

    You and I, my dears, have obviously reached the third stage, the stage of the declared struggle against Russia and our president. And, indeed, there is a reason for that. Why do we see the agony of the West, to which Russia doesn't want to obey?

    Crimea is still ours; these days, we are celebrating the seventh anniversary of reunification with Russia.

    We were the first to invent and successfully distribute the vaccine around the world, just as we are successfully recovering from the pandemic (my friend from the United States was telling me this morning that their country is still in panic and lockdown — not enough vaccines for everyone, and not everyone in America wants to vaccinate themselves).

    Russia does not accept American-style social rules with transgender people and boot-kissing. It stands for traditional values. Many in the world already look at us as an island of hope in the raging ocean of liberal madness.

    What are western variants? Anger, psychosis, threats, pressure... It's all out of despair. Attempts to somehow break and subdue. You have to understand that an attack on Putin is an attack on Russia, revenge on the West for its own failures.

    Because “Who is Mr.Putin?” Mr. Putin is Russia.

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